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  • Gabby,
    I set up a meet again in October. The 11th is a Sunday and the weather should start to become a bit nicer (hopefully). Please mark your calendar as we really need to get as many cars as possible. It is nice when everybody shows up. Lets meet at 10am behind Knucklehead Burgers in Davie. The Address: 4900 S University Dr. Davie, FL 33328. 10am it starts

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    The rain date is confirmed to be 1/18/2015. The Address is 5141 South University Drive Davie Fl 33328. The meet is on Sunday at 11am. We have a decent amount of people going. Can you make it?
    hey Gabby, is the rear frame notched? what rear suspension parts ? paint / body ? and any extra pics

    thanks, John
    Hey looks like it's going to rain down south where I'm at still thinking on going to towers tonight
    Do you still have the ATR 3 bolt headers with crossover pipe for sale? Text me and let me know 801-661-6971
    Send me a pic of Shifter cable what u asking? And what shape is it in?
    mike_guizar@yahoo.com thx
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