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  • Hi Fred, this is Marco, it was nice talking to you at the car show on Friday. Sorry I bothered you most of the night. I am leaving on Tuesday, and if time permits I would like to pass by your shop. I searched for turbo tech and buick turbo tech and I never found your address or location. If you give to me and I if I have the time I will try to pass by.
    Take care,
    hay bud, long time we don't talk, dude I have to order a rim for the gn, I know it was a 15x5 but what Im not sure is the bolt pattern is it 5x4 3/4 with 3-1/2 rear spacing or
    is it 5x4 1/2 with 3-1/2 inch spacing. does it make a difference? i'm going to bring it around as soon as I get it back . thanks for the help bud
    hay bud. its been a while huh, man we got alot to catch up on , these #$%? cowboys!!
    hay i might pass by the shop tomorrow , i have to go to my attorney's office.
    hay bud i know , you would'nt but would you trade a framed picture of the triplets, for a car?
    its a 2001 VW beattle. you remember the pic, i have of them right? if no email me and i will send you a pic.
    TurboT231 Thanks for the gas tank it works great.,and your price was good.Your a man of your word.I received it that same night.
    Don't call them for it it's not one there ic , they rape u on everything call Brian at Gbodyparts.com he is a good bud of mine and tell him what u want . ( ic pipes for a super extrem) and he will hook u up . I will call him also. Also could u email any more ? Gavinxman@yahoo.com it's faster for me all I have is my I phone. But I will help u any way I can just let me know what else I can do. U can call if u need to 843-617-5606
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