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    Stage Right Transbrake?

    You'll be fine building boost with the T-brake. It's just hard on parts. For me it's just to easy to do it the way I've been.
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    Stage Right Transbrake?

    Foot brake till it starts to creep then NOS button at the same time as WOT. I have Vac. brakes so it's maybe 2-3 lbs of boost.
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    Stage Right Transbrake?

    The brake works great but I've gotten a way better short time using nitrous to spool off the line without beating the drive train up.
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    Stage Right Transbrake?

    Can one of the transmission experts tell me if the separator plate can be used after drilling the 2 holes for the stage right brake? Just want to remove the brake from the valve body but not sure if the plate can be used without the trans brake parts?
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    Precision GTQ exhaust wheel.

    Looking for a customer to see if someone has an old school GTQ exhaust wheel from a Precision DBB 70 turbo.
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    Turbo Regal Picture Thread

    Look's great Steve, look's a lot like yours.;) Tell Jerry to just turn that boost up a few pounds, it will run that 10 with no problem.(y)
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    Champion Iron heads.

    Florida. Rockers were sold already.
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    Champion Iron heads.

    Selling these for a friend. Champion CNC ported iron heads. They have new seals and come with 26918 beehives on them but can change to Comp 980's if you don't have a roller set up. $900 shipped. Can E-mail pictures if needed.
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    Next Broward Turbo Buick Meet 1/11/2015

    I'm about 90% correct predicting rain when I make plans to take my sled out. Incredible.
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    Next Broward Turbo Buick Meet 1/11/2015

    Hey Adam, count me in. Let's just hope it doesn't rain that day.
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    GN Rear Seat Upper Section Cover.

    Checking to see if anyone has an original rear upper section cover only in nice shape. Trying to keep a customers matching the lower section.
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    Any Custom Interior Pics?

    A few of mine with the Leir seats.
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    Lee Frederick.

    Very sad day yesterday. I will truly miss talking to my friend Lee.
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    Siamese question

    Pop out one of the side freeze plugs and you'll be able to see if the bores are siamesed together. Pretty sure all 4.1's are siamesed.
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    SALE-DETENT(TV) CABLE $17.95 or $12.95

    Cable. I'm in for one. Thank's.
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