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  • You posted on my hot air car in regards to the wing, I don't know what is fair for the wing. I'd really like to sell the car as a whole first. Can I wait a day or so and get back to you?
    Do you still have the sumped tank for sale?? If not do you mind telling noob what all I will need to make my own ?? Thanks
    Tim...haven't forgot about you...still going to Osceola tomorrow? I'm planning on it. 2 hour drive and I may play in the test and tune lane tomorrow, it would be a first. My car will have a Red Wings front plate (it's my call sign, all our vehicles have one). got a cell I can shoot you a call tomorrow? Bruce
    Tim...thanks for allowing Melissa to bring the parts back to town. The corner lens will do the job, I don't think the washer rervoir will work (kinda don't know what to think of the 1" hole in the bottom of it), I need another day or two to investigate whether I can utilize the back window panel...all in all I thank you for your kindness in allowing Melissa to take the items for inspection. Have you thought of a price for at least the corner lens? I do look forward in meeting you and your other GN buddies in Osceola.
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