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  • (that would be huge) or used the correct ones , 1 way of another I PRAY 1 of these 2 issues solves my problems, cuz if it aint then i give the car to Cal and say WTF man
    I paid like $100 to get my msd fixed late last year then put it on, still had issues on the dyno (after getting my boost issue fixed and alky leaking fixed), tried swapping to a different coil pack and the msd FAILED AGAIN, done with that POS, getting the tr6 setup prob wastespark and then checking my valve springs to see if weber used the ones (i think) came on the GN1's which my not work with my cam
    Hello, I"m in Delavan. I"m looking for a good machine shop for the Buick"s in our area. What"s your thoughts?


    I just saw your post about a good mechanic in the wisconsin area. I'd be very interested if he is nearby. I live near milwaukee and run a dairy farm. Lot of work just doing that. I try to do what I can myself but only have so much time. If you could give me a location where he is and a number that would be great. Thanks. Jeremy
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