fuel pump

  1. 8

    Second fuel pump in a year

    Stock GN in tank pump. First pump Delco. Also replaced tank, sock, sending unit. Six months later Fuel pump died. Less than fifty miles. Second pump, NAPA. Six months later Fuel pump died. Car is basically instorage, garaged with cover. Battery connected. Trickle charge battery minder once...
  2. G

    Ordered Racetronix Fuel Hangar with Pump 255

    Hi I just received my Racetronix fuel pump hangar and pump kit from them and the fuel sock doesn't seem to be installed and just like fell off ? I also have a pack of what I believe to be silicone grease with the pump kit am I supposed to grease the pump before I slip the fuel sock back on ? I...
  3. P

    GM307C Fuel Tank and OEM Sending Unit Needed For LS Swap into Monte

    Looking for the above parts for my 6.0L LS swap into my 82 Monte Carlo. This would be shipped to 08052 NJ. I can provide a UPS label as I get corporate discounts. Thanks.
  4. T

    inconsistent surge. hard to pinpoint the problem.

    hey guys ive been having a real hard time pinpointing the source of a bad and inconsistent surge/missfire on my 87 ttype project. ive replaced plugs and wires, replaced the Ignition module, and coil pack just incase it had to do with ignition ( which i dont think it is ). replaced the fuel...
  5. 1

    Faulty Fuel Pumo / Low Fuel Pressure

    Hey guys, my car is falling on its face whenever I give it any real throttle. I checked my fuel pressure and I am getting ~20 psi, which sucks. I have changed the fuel filter, and that didn't change anything. After some reading, I heard some things about checking the fuel pump and making sure...
  6. cbar_tx

    TurboTweak TT255LPH High Flow Turbine Fuel Pump (New)

    Update 8/1/17: Item Sold I bought it before I knew what I was getting into and took too long to start the job. I ended up going with a complete unit so I knocked off some from the original price and posted on ebay. If anyone is interested in taking this off my hands. It's a good deal! Hurry...
  7. N


    I have a 1981 Buick Regal Limited N/A and I'm looking for a fuel line that goes from the mechanical fuel pump to the carburetor. Any suggestions to whether if I could manipulate an aftermarket fuel line or a where abouts to where I could get one from ? I need one ASAP please!