Second fuel pump in a year


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Stock GN in tank pump. First pump Delco. Also replaced tank, sock, sending unit. Six months later Fuel pump died. Less than fifty miles.
Second pump, NAPA. Six months later Fuel pump died.
Car is basically instorage, garaged with cover. Battery connected. Trickle charge battery minder once month. Battery is fine. All wiring stock. 142000 miles, no performance parts.
Any help appreciated
Grab a racetronix 255lph pump & matching hot wire kit

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Jump on the above, at least a hot wire kit and pick a pump you want. When wiring make your grounds perfect. When the tank is out inspect inside for rust and flush.
Check the fuel pump relay on the passenger side fender . Tap on it a few times while someone is trying to start the car . Also put power to the grey wire behind the alternator ( it will have a connector on it and goes to nothing ) that should turn on the fuel pump without trying to start the car .