Racetronix Dual In Tank Fuel Pump 510lph, Innovate LC2 Wideband, MAF Translator & LSI MAF & K&N


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Jul 17, 2013
I have a few parts for sale off my ‘87 Turbo T:

1. Racetronix Dual Pump In Tank System 510LPH - I purchased this fuel pump set up about 3 years ago and have driven the car about 3,500 miles since it was installed. This comes with the Hotwire kit with a Hobbs switch to turn on second pump 15psi. You can use this set up with stock fuel lines and still make plenty of power since the second pump doesn’t come on until it’s needed. Check Full Throttle Speed’s website for more info. Photos below. $325 shipped.

2. Innovate LC2 Wideband - Also removed from my ‘87 Buick. Works perfectly. Photos below. $75 shipped

3. MAF Translator, LS1 MAF, and K&N filter- Also removed from my ‘87 Buick. Includes 3.5” to 4” coupler with clamps and K&N filter, filter could stand to be cleaned. Works great. There is a hole in the base of the filter where I had the IAT sensor installed, which can be taped up if not used. Photos below. $100 shipped

Message me if interested. Thanks


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