Fuel pressure too high. Cut off the end of the return lin.


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Dec 26, 2012
I'm having a problem with too much fuel pressure. I changed out the pump to a walbro 430. My pressure at idle is 48 with the vacuum line on. I have multiple options,
1. Replace the lines with performance lines, 2. Use the vent line, 3. Cut off about 1 inch of the return line at the pump and replace the connecting rubber hose.
Since option 3 is the cheapest. has anyone had experience with this? and if so how many pounds of pressure did it drop it for you. I know this will vary depending on what pump is used. I'm no necessary looking for the cheap way out, I'm wondering if its an option for me, only if it'll drop the fuel pressure enough. This is holding me up from getting it tuned.
that pump is to big for stock lines
Option 2 might work with 48 vacuum line on but maybe not
Option 3 NOT the restriction really is at the regulator and gets worse at the next fitting and goes down hill from there
Why such a large pump ? What other mods do you have that need a pump with that much capacity ? Are you running E85 or plan to ? What are your goals ? These questions need to be answered before going forward , because solutions will change depending on that info .
Swapping the return line to the vent line is fairly easy. I run a walbro 450 this way and have no issue controlling fuel pressure. I did cut off those necked-down parts of the fuel lines coming out of the fuel hat.
installed this pump because the old one died and was told this pump would be fine with the factory lines. Well now I have too much pressure. Now I have all these suggestions on what I should do and I was hoping someone could confirm that one of these worked or them. The block is stock bored .20 over. Stroker steel crank. Mulnar billet long rods, racetech custom pistons 9 to 1 compression. 80lb injectors, 3.5 maf, Axis tuner, Champion irons and intake, Harland Sharp 1.6 rockers, roller comp cam 218 / 224 Johnson short travel roller lifters, 64/65 Turbonetics bb turbo, dual nozzle meth, 3500 stall, David Husek trans. front mount intercooler and a bunch of other stuff. That's the meat and potatoes of it. This build is why I'm upgrading. A lot of the GN websites have similar products and I'm thinking that upgrading the lines is probably the best thing to do. I was hoping to get an alternative idea because there's been so many things us Buick owners have done that work with out overhauling an entire system.