Running better but not the best.

I believe this is the one I ran on my car. I prolly have a vid on it. It takes voltage directly from the alternator. You'll note my vids that all fuel/electrical was upgraded on my car...for a reason. Wire builds up resistance over time...and if you deny these engines fuel...then all hell breaks loose. I'm not saying this is your issue, but it would be a good idea to upgrade. Deep pockets are required for these cars...and close enuf...ain't good enuf. Jack/Racetronix is in Scarborough. Use to get my stuff from him in about 48 hours. I think his prices are still in American dollars.

That’s what I have.
If replacing the MAF and adding a translator is causing your codes according to what you stated in your first post then the issue to look for would start there.
Did it run OK before you replaced the MAF and translator ?
Are you sure its a 3.5" and not an LT1 3" or an 85mm ?
Did you orient the MAF in the correct direction of air flow. There's an arrow on the MAF pointing the true direction of flow.

If you installed a new chip at the same time you put in the MAF as previously stated above... check for bent pins on the chip.
"Quoting TT Eric" Also, check the ECM chip socket for any pins that are bent in too far, possibly making poor contact with the chip. The ECM socket pins can be carefully bent back out with a pin or needle.
Check all above all seem correct.
Check all above all seem correct.
It did run not great. Added new fuel pump, new lines, filter, regulator. New MAF and translator was first thing and it ran but rough. Had the 33 and 34 code. But ran rough. Preceded on to the fuel system and chip upgrade from Aggressive think this should help but has continued to get worse. Cleaned plugs a couple of times, replaced them twice. The one thing I haven’t added in all this is its stock exhaust. Quite a few holes and when I was under there a week or so ago noticed someone had opened and drained the catalytic converter long before me. Welded back up of course. Oh yes and I’ve installed a new heated O2 sensor.
Sometimes you just have to start over. Take a day or two off and slowly follow the no start tree verifying every part on your car. Something is screwed up and is most likely a bad part you thought was good or a screwed up engine wiring harness.
Ya likely will do that over the next week or 2. I have a local guy who has a ECM. I will try that as well.
Anyone offer advice for a ScanmasterG. I can’t seem to connect Bluetooth to my computer
Anyone offer advice for a ScanmasterG. I can’t seem to connect Bluetooth to my computer

Page seven has the how to on that bluetooth
forgot the file


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