Fuel Pressure Regulator Bosch 233 & TT CHIP


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I have a Bosch 233 Regulator & just installed a AEM Fuel Pressure Gauge. My fuel pressure with the vacuum line off is reading 32 psi & with it on it's 38 psi. I'm pretty sure this is normal with the 233 OEM Regulators. I recently did the 86/87 conversion on the hot air. I had Eric set me up with the TT Chip & the #40 injectors. I told him that I had a stock fuel regulator for a 84/85 T. I have since acquired a Racetronics adjustable regulator. My question is when I install the new Regulator and set the fuel pressure to #43 psi will I need the chip reprogramed?
Just talked with Eric & he suggested I set the new regulator at #38 psi even though the chip was programed at #43 psi.