1. Toddmc66

    Fuel pressure too high. Cut off the end of the return lin.

    I'm having a problem with too much fuel pressure. I changed out the pump to a walbro 430. My pressure at idle is 48 with the vacuum line on. I have multiple options, 1. Replace the lines with performance lines, 2. Use the vent line, 3. Cut off about 1 inch of the return line at the pump and...
  2. N

    Metco Wheel Well Fuel Cell Tank

    Either far from a long shot but’s worth the try does anyone’s have a Metco fuel cell tank available, much appreciated!
  3. Wrath

    Fuel Sender Float sensor repair/replacement

    So as I was restoring my GN's interior this past week (new ignition, turn signal switches, steering wheel, speakers/radio, gauge cluster, ect.) I found that my fuel gauge on new cluster was pegging out above Full, meaning an open circuit from signal wire. Well I traced it down to the fuel float...
  4. 1

    Faulty Fuel Pumo / Low Fuel Pressure

    Hey guys, my car is falling on its face whenever I give it any real throttle. I checked my fuel pressure and I am getting ~20 psi, which sucks. I have changed the fuel filter, and that didn't change anything. After some reading, I heard some things about checking the fuel pump and making sure...
  5. T

    FPR for sale $55 shipped

    Going to sell a few more parts but I'll sell this for starters. Works great, just going through a whole build is all. PayPal works and can ship asap
  6. C

    Bogging/Sputtering confusion

    So recently my MAF acquired a hole causing a post MAF air leak causing the car to bog and sputter under acceleration. I bought a new 3.5 MAF with a translator. I also bought a new adjustable FPR (accufab), pressure set at 42 (vacuum line off). I have stock injectors and stock fuel pump, with a...
  7. G

    Engine wont crank over! need help ASAP

    Hello this is my first post and I am hoping to find some knowledgeable answer quick! It all started a couple days ago when i got GN parts in the mail. The next day i went to install them. I installed new fuel pump with the hot wire kit a fuel pressure regulator 42lbs fuel injectors and the turbo...
  8. A

    Please remove

    Making 1 ad for everything. I made a couple mistakes. I am not a vendor, nor do I want to become one. I do not have more than one of any item I have for sale. I had a project, it is no longer going to happen. I am trying to recover what money I can. There is no ill will here, no intent to scam...