1. D


    Hello all, I just put together my 87' Regal and found out that cylinder 3 has no compression. After taking a snake camera down the spark plug hole I found out a portion of my cylinder is mission on the top side. I have a set of pistons by diamond, attached are a few pictures. It looks like the...
  2. gn87man

    Stock Rods and Stock Pistons and Stock Center Main Caps

    Stock Rods and Pistons in good condition - $100 plus shipping Stock Center Main Caps with bolts in good condition - $30 plus shipping Came out of a 60k mile motor I upgraded to all forged parts and billet center main caps
  3. Wrath

    Piston ID

    Previous owner of my GN "Freshened up" the motor at some point... Anyone know what pistons these are? Thanks
  4. T

    Stroker kit wanted

    Looking for a stroker kit. I've looked at all the online kits from multiple vendors and thought I'd give a look on here for someone who is looking to get rid one. Only interested in a new kit not used. Or does anyone have experience with the kit on TR Customs with Scat rods, JE pistons ? anyone...
  5. T

    Stock Crank, Rods and Pistons

    Everything came out of a well running, non smoking motor. I wanted to do a full build so Rotating assembly no longer required! I'd say <20k miles on the whole assembly being I have a receipt of a new motor from 2004 from before I bought the car and I really haven't put many miles on it in the...