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    Scanmaster G - Cannot Monitor Boost on Gauge

    @TurboBob Finally got my Buick build complete. Whenever I try to monitor boost on the Scanmaster G , the display quickly switches to Alcohol content. I am currently not using Alky. Flashed my SMG to B_1_06.S19 - Still switching to Alcohol PLC ver - Any ideas?
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    ScanMaster 2.1 blank after startup

    I just got this used Scanmaster 2.1 and its hooked up correctly and powers up. Then goes blank with no flashing dots. I checked continuity to the ECU and to the scanmaster board and all is fine. I then found a test for the Scanmaster to see if it would receive data...
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    ScanMaster not showing 02 millivolts since powerlogger installed??

    I recently installed a powerlogger from tt. It is logging and came with an upgrade chip for my scanmaster which i swapped. since installed everything works but the 02 millivolts. now i cannot tell if i get knock if its false or not. Has anyone run into this issue? TIA