ScanMaster 2.1 blank after startup


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Jan 10, 2010
I just got this used Scanmaster 2.1 and its hooked up correctly and powers up. Then goes blank with no flashing dots. I checked continuity to the ECU and to the scanmaster board and all is fine. I then found a test for the Scanmaster to see if it would receive data.
TurboBob described the test:
"If the unit is receiving data, one of the decimal points (the one at the far right)
will be blinking while the unit displays "2.1".
Since the data is essentially "ground pulses" you can verify that
the Scanmaster can receive pulses by touching the data wire to
ground after the unit has gone to sleep. If you touch the data
wire to ground while the unit is sleeping the unit should go through
the "2.1" sequence again looking for data."

Mine won't do anything when I touch the data wire to ground while the unit has gone to sleep.

Does this sound like my Scanmaster needs servicing?
Any other tests I could do?

Thanks, Andy
Ok, so that's made to be connected to a Powerlogger. Do you have it connected to a Powerlogger?
Aaaaggghhh!!!! Thought I was getting the 2.1.
Anybody have a 2.1 chip they could spare?