Wtb scanmaster 2.1 chip only


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Jul 2, 2018
I bought a 2.2 scanmaster because I had every intention of using it with the power logger that I bought a few years ago but never installed. I never even opened that all white box if came In. Anyway in 2017 I sold my daily driver GN because it was re issued a vin number after a theft recovery that did not match the 86 GN that the cowl tag read. But Florida felt the need to issue it an 85 GN vin number and I really didn’t want that. So after driving it for a year I sold it. Long story short I left my powerlogger and my maf translator in the trunk when the new owner took possession of the car. I left it there by accident. It wasn’t part of the sale. But I didn’t realize it was gone till I bought my 2nd WE4 and purposely bought a 2.2 scanmaster used because I was gunna start data logging. When I couldn’t find the powerlogger I put 2 and 2 together.
So turbo tweak sells it for $20 plus shipping but they are out of stock. So figured ide see if anyone up here upgraded to work with powerlogger and wanted to sell me their old 2.1 chip or their powerlogger (I would rather just buy the 2.1 chip. But if u got a used cheap powerlogger message me what you got).