Scanmaster stopped working


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Jun 18, 2004
Updated Scanmaster and PowerLogger were working fine for years. Attached fuel pressure sensor to PL data block. Now PL receives and displays data as before, including new FP reading, but the Scanmaster display has basically gone dark.

At key-on, Scanmaster displays "SCN 2.2" for a second, "PL" for about a second, then goes blank for 3 seconds, then shows six dashes (- - - - - -) for two seconds, then goes completely dark.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Check to see if the scanmaster g option is checked in PLC

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Hi, Bob. Your new Scanmaster-G looks interesting, but I still have the old model and my version of PowerLogger offers no "G" option.

I upgraded to v2.2 some time ago along with the new PROM. (You know, the new chip installed in the Scanmaster unit.) Could I have damaged that chip somehow?
Scanmasters are pretty tough. it sounds more like its not getting data.

Yeah, must have lost the signal/data wire connection to Scanmaster. It has power, so there's just one open connection to track down.

Thanks for your help thinking this through.
Tracked down and repaired the bad data line connection from PowerLogger to Scanmaster. Installed fuel pressure sensor. Reloaded the PL024d.s19 file.

Now PowerLogger seems to read and display everything normally and accurately on my laptop, including O2 and the new fuel pressure, but Scanmaster has become a bit odd.

After key-on it shows "SCN 2.2," then "PL 2.4," then settles on this: "7.3 0.0." The first mode used to display "O2 xxx" with xxx bouncing up and down around 540 or so. The "7.3 0.0" readings do not change with operation of the engine. The next 17 modes/parameters appear to display normally and accurately, but the next mode following "bSt" displays "E 32." This display also does not change with engine operation. Then the final mode reads "o2 xxx" with the xxx behaving like the original opening display.

The final two mode displays are new with this new setup. When the modes "turn the corner," they return to "7.3 0.0."

I wonder if I fried something?
You have the wideband mode enabled in scanmaster options on the f3 of PLC

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