Using too much fuel

If you decide to stay with chips, I'ld go with an AEM. Regardless if you keep the 6.1 or go with an aftermarket ecm, you will need a stable wb. Aftermarket ecms require the wb. Wbs are very reliable. All modern cars have them. All aftermarket ecms have them. The information they provide is directly tied to tuning. As long as you don't run leaded fuel they will last.
Installed better quality FP gauge and transducer. Next steps soon. Waiting for reburned 6.1 chip for AEM 30-0310. Then it's off to Mr. Miller to do some Alky and coil pack testing. Body bushings too. They're beyond shot.


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Yes, the Sunoco near me used to sell 100 ul but it doesn't now. Don't know if any 100 ul is sold at gas stations still. At the track they have high octane nl. I'm sure speed shops do to but too expensive for my budget.
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Just an update. AEM 30-0310 is installed. Showed an improvement with regard to BLMs vs the LC-1. Installed a Racetronix injector harness (hotwire) which replaced the older Casper's unit. Installed an alky transducer and am logging via PL. And body bushings (unrelated) that replaced what looked to be the originals. Thanks, Pacecarta!

Eric added 10% WOT fuel in the new chip burned for the AEM and in similar conditions, BLMs are at about 140 vs 170 prior (with no additional fuel added via WOT setting). Alky looks to be coming in nicely and ramping up as designed based on controller settings. Now I have to play around with different combos to get it dialed in but it's running a safe A/F ratio (10.6 - 10.8) and feels like it's pulling strong. I will add some fuel via the chip to get BLMs closer to 128. Injector DC at 23lbs of boost is about 67% which is also a bit of an improvement.

Some pics of the various things.


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Added a little more WOT fuel in the chip and BLMs are on target. I finally took the car out for a spin tonight without having to data log. Hasn't happened much this last year chasing all these issues but it's been worth it. It was nice to just cruise. Decided to take a crappy handheld cell vid. Forgot I don't have three hands so I didn't start it until I shifted into 3rd. Rolled into it about 3/4 throttle and got up to about 22lbs of boost. My tune is for 25lbs now. Maybe I'm getting over the hump.

Damn, you had some luck like I did for a long time. Murph and Miller are the ones to listen to for Alky for sure. Glad to see you got it down to some minor adjustments.