Installed FP transducer - Scanmaster issue

Dan SS2471

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I installed a FP transducer as follows:

Transducer part# 261260635816 - this is a cheap unit but proven to work. I plan to install a better quality one long term. I'm chasing a fuel issue so this is temporary.

1) T-Tap into grey 5V TPS wire - connected to RED wire on transducer (verified 5V before and after install)
2) Ground connected at firewall - connected to BLACK wire on transducer
3) Signal connected to #5 on Powerlogger board - I4 - connected to BLUE wire on transducer

I'm being more detailed with this info than needed because a lot of posts I read are for the experienced and assumptions are made that everyone knows 'what goes where'. I'm not there yet. Probably never will be.

So I start the car and hookup my laptop. Unfortunately, I didn't look at Scanmaster right away because I was concentrating on PL and seeing if it was logging FP. It was. After seeing that it was logging, and that it was pretty close to what my FP gauge reads, I looked at the SM and the display was gobbly gook. Lit, but not displaying any real data values.

I turned the car off and disconnected PL and with key back on, SM 2.2 displays and the PL version (although now, not displaying the correct version). When I start the car, SM goes dark.

I removed the transducer signal wire from the PL board but SM is still doing the same thing. I'm hoping I didn't fry it.

Aside from possibly not updating the PLC.INI file correctly initially, which I think is now correct, I'm wondering what is going on with SM. Could the INI file have any bearing here? I'm thinking no since I removed the transducer from the PL board all together with the same result on SM, but am throwing it out there.

As far as updates to the INI file, I updated both CustomAnalog4 and CustomAnalog5 with values needed for a 100PSI / 5V sensor. Only because I didn't read enough info here first. I changed the CustomAnalog5 settings back to vanilla values.

That's about all I can think of for now. Just want to get back to square one with a working SM and got from there. Appreciate any input.

Could be a simple fix. Double-check the connections to the Scanmaster and Powerlogger. I've had weird behavior from my SM before, turned out I bumped a wire while working under the dash. Re-seated it and everything was fine.
I got tired of my SM acting I ended up hard wiring more issues.
Thanks, guys. I did jiggle the connection at the PL last night but will retry everything today. Makes sense though that I could have knocked something else loose.

Replaying things in my mind, SM was working when I first started the car. I remember because I wanted to check the TPS and look for any MAL codes before I hooked up the PL. That was all good. I'm *pretty sure it was still working when I hooked up the PL too but can't say for sure.

Fresh start today, I just launched PL (not connected) because the SM options popped into my head at 3AM. Scanmaster G was chosen. I'm guessing updates to the INI file have something to do with that. I unchecked it and re-checked the others I want displayed.

I'll go out there sometime today and mess around a bit more and report back.

Thanks again...Dan
make sure you didn't enable scanmaster G mode in the settings
Thanks, Bob. That was the issue.

For reference for guys like me searching these types of issues, after changing the SM Options back (Scanmaster G not checked), the SM was still blank with engine running and then connecting PL. It wasn't until I turned the engine / key off and back on with PL still connected that SM corrected.

Thanks again for all of the replies and help. Now I can see if I'm rising 1:1 without having to watch the FP gauge and Boost gauge at the same time. That can be dicey when wearing reading glasses to see the FP gauge on the hood and trying to drive and see where you're going - wearing reading glasses!