Installed Alky Transducer - PL settings

Dan SS2471

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Dec 12, 2008
Installed a transducer to log Alky PSI. Transducer is one from Lowdoller that I see others are using with success. 5v / 0-200 PSI. Voltage source is TPS, I grounded it on PL board (4) and signal is PL I5 (8). Updated plc.ini.

Grabbed a log today and at 20lbs of boost, max Alky PSI was 85 with the controller knob set just under 7. I hooked up the Alky tester afterwards and based on that, I should be seeing about 90 PSI at 20lbs of boost.

I know I saw a post about whether or not a voltage offset adjustment is necessary in PL to be sure readings are accurate or close to it but I can't find it? I cheated tonight by only searching for posts by Bob Bailey because I'm pretty sure you answered a similar question. ;o)

Appreciate any input.



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