1. G

    Turbo heat shield

    I have a bone stock 87 GN with 95k miles, and its finally time to update my Buick. What is the best powerlogger/ scantool setup currently available?
  2. J

    Diagnostic tool

    All stock 84 GN. I am trying to learn as much as I can about getting and keeping my car running smooth. What is still available that I can use without making significant modifications? Is there such thing as Diagnostic only vs. for tuning? I have had my car for 31 years and finally have...
  3. dank GN

    Full windows 10 car PC

    i installed a lattepanda which is a single board computer with full windows . I have 164gb of storage added to it . I can proxy in from my home PC and download the run files to review and tune . So I will be runing powerlogger in it as well as tunerpro . The install isn’t complete but is mounted...