1. gn87man

    Balancer (TA - Internal & External - SFI Approved) and Flexplate (Internal Balanced - SFI Approved)

    The following parts are brand new. I changed my setup to an externally balanced system after ordering these parts. Harmonic Balancer w/ Trigger Wheel (For internally or externally balanced setups) - SFI Approved - TA Brand ---> $270 + shipping (SOLD) Flex Plate (For internally balanced...
  2. V

    SoCal T-Type owner looking for a local guru!!

    Whats up everybody. Im a new T-type owner. Just got a low mileage all original, CLEEEAN 82 Buick Regal Sport/T-Type. Ive had imports my whole life. Subarus mainly. First American car ill be building.MURICA!!!!!! Anyways i have a couple questions regarding steps to make this car faster. First...

    New, never used CAT SFI FLEXPLATE.

    Been sitting in my garage for 4 years. Built GN1 stroker motor which is also where I got this flywheel and went with JW flywheel instead due to peer pressure from friends, lol. Anyway, they go for $169 at GN1 so how about $100 plus the ride? Tired of looking at it in my garage.