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    SoCal T-Type owner looking for a local guru!!

    Whats up everybody. Im a new T-type owner. Just got a low mileage all original, CLEEEAN 82 Buick Regal Sport/T-Type. Ive had imports my whole life. Subarus mainly. First American car ill be building.MURICA!!!!!! Anyways i have a couple questions regarding steps to make this car faster. First...
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    Door Trim Removal/Replacement

    So the door trim on my T-Type is coming off. This gives me two options: 1. Take them off and re-adhere them back on. 2. Take them off and completely leave them off. Both options leave me with the same questions, how do you go about removing the old adhesive tape, without ruining my paint? To...
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    South Jersey/ Philadelphia turbo specialist?

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a mechanic in my area who specializes in these turbo regals. I've got a 1985 Regal T-Type that has a handful of issues I need to have fixed. I live in Collingswood, NJ right next to Philadelphia. The car suddenly stopped running while I was on the road. I was...
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    Used Power Master for sale

    I converted my 87 turbo- t to vacuum and now I have the power master gathering dust. The accumulator does not come with it, it fell off of the shelf and split. I'm wanting to get atleast $425obo. I'm not to sure of the condition, i only had the car for 1 week before the conversion. I do know...