04 Mach 1 Twin Turbo 1400 HP, Help me get my TSO car back!!


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Jun 18, 2001
I have an oppourtunity to buy my old TSO car back and would like to sell this in order to make that happen so please help a Buick fella out, lol! As much as I want to I just can't be a Mustang guy, I have tried and have owned several and this one is definitely the baddest one I have ever owned. This car was a very good friend of mines in which he grew tired of it and never got it running after building a completely new motor for it. We finished it up and recently got the car running and have put less than 20 miles on it driving it around. The car previously made 1100rhwp on a Dynojet 248 before cracking the block at Norwalk. A completely new motor was built for the car with killer MMR heads and a bunch of mod motor goodness done to it. I have it listed on Ebay too. Here is a brief laundry list of mods to the car. The paint work is perfect too car is super clean and a single owner (other than me) 24k mile car.

This is a no expense spared build that was done professionally This car is 100% street legal and was street driven regularly and has competed in NMRA True Street class. The car is legal for NHRA drag racing to 8.50. The current spec on cage, belts and window net have expired since car has not been on the street or raced in the last 5 years. The motor and trans are BRAND NEW with less than 20 miles on them.

The previous motor had gone low 9’s at over 160mph and made over 1100 rwhp on a Dynojet chassis dyno. This motor should make much more. We recently fired the motor did all basic maintenance and the car runs good and make good boost on the street and is very street friendly.
Below are the basics I could not even begin to list all the modifications and upgrades done to this car.

2004 Mach 1 40th Anniversary 24k miles zero rust accidents or issues this is a single owner car and all modifications were done by the original owner. Body and paint are custom and 9.5 out of 10 with custom air brush graphics this is not a wrap.

4.6 Mod Motor with custom ported 5.4 head by MMR with complete valvetrain and custom Bullet cams specific for turbo combination. Brand new block and crank with custom extreme duty Manly rods and pistons.

Custom billet sheetmetal intake manifold with Accufab throttle body.

Twin billet wheel 6262 Precision Turbos with recent refresh with Tial 46mm wastegates with custom air to air FMIC

Custom SS twin turbo headers downpipes and exhaust system

BigStuff 3 Fuel Mgt with LS CNP system Racepak dash with DAE logging and LS style coil on plug conversion. MSD launch control boost controller

Abbruzzi Racing TH400 with billet alum fwd drum input shaft JW Bellhousing, trans blanket.

PTC 19 blade Torque Converter

8.8 Ford rear end 3:50 gears 35 spline axles spool with 9” Ford housing ends and rearend brace QA1 coilvoers

BMR rear suspension with Adj UCA LCA and suspension bracket and UCA mounts.

QA1 front tubular crossmember with QA1 upper and lower control arms

ProEFI 750 Fuel pump custom aluminum gas tank -10 feed -8 return. 120# injectors with Weldon fuel pressure regulator.

Price is $31900 obo, willing to consider trades too.









We might bring this to Bowling Green. Will they let me run it there just TT no classes or brackets of course?
Its looking very likely this will be the car I am bringing to Bowling Green, dosen't look like I will have my T-type back together.