.040 109 Block with girdle, stock main caps, and 3 extra billet caps


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I have a nice .040 109 block that I bought from a friend/fellow forum member here.

The block was originally built and machined by RJC for the girdle and stock main caps. I have an extra set of 2 billet center caps and a billet front cap that I will include with this block.

Girdle also has the crank scraper and comes with the shims and whatnot.

I am located in California, zip: 94560. I am able to palletize the motor and ship it via a freight carrier if that may reduce the cost of shipping, as I have a friend who works as a freight broker and she hooks it up with great pricing.

I am honestly looking for like $600ish for it. Considering the block is already machined for the girdle, and all it needs is a little cleanup since it has been sitting for a few years in storage (in California), plus I am including the 3 billet caps, I think around $600 is a fair price. I am throwing in the 3 billet caps to help soften the cost of shipping. I can also toss is a set of nice 10mm Magnecor red racing wires if the cost of shipping is outrageous.

Please email or PM me here.

btw- If I am totally off on what I think this block is worth, please let me know! I am admittedly just getting back into the Buick scene after a few year hiatus, so I apologize if I am off on my initial monetary request!

My email : 1987GN@gmail.com

I'd also take in trade any of the following:
*rear double-adjustable shocks,
*Front lower SPC control arms
*Rear double adjustable lower control arms (only roto/johnny joint/TruePivot bushings)
*Hellwig 1 5/16" front tubular sway bar

Pics of the block and stock/billet caps:

So I'm posting these other pics to show people on this board how to really motivate your potential customer, and lend a personal touch to any transaction... also, these pictures are taken at my office, so yes, my office is way cooler than yours since it is filled with car parts...and isn't being cool on the internet all that life is really about? I mean I don't care about succeeding in life, as long as I look cool on the internet!!

I'm so good at this, people should pay me to give seminars.... lmfao