10.8 sec vid

It's not the camera man that sucks, it's the autofocus. I know first hand, at night you have to manual focus in order to read the timeboard, and that still isn't an exact science. I don't know why autofocus sucks so much at night. But it happens on my camera all the time.

Nice Vid and Run.
Hey what do you want for free? :wink: Didnt really expect it.. Didnt expect to run by myself either.. My first run I ran a CRX(tag said FASTCRX).. anyways I put a football field on him :biggrin:

Not a Camaro.. a GTA :eek: ..

You wouldnt beleive this.. the guy in the staging lanes after I made my first 10.9 pass comes up to me like getting ready to give me the riot act.. I lower my window.. he stops and says.."Hey since when did this car have a cage?".. I smiled back.. he gets on the walkie talkie to the tower.. "he's gotta a cage".. Guess they had banned me a year ago for not having a cage... and remembered :biggrin:

See how things lineup on saturday.. maybe maybe do a little better.

Gotta love the sound of these motors purring down the track..
pvt num 11 said:
Dang, what's your mod list look like...?!? :eek:

Its stock... really :wink: every nut and bolt is documented.. go to the FAQ's section and you'll see the current buildup..



Patience/wallet/wife/ :rolleyes:

Piece of cake.. :biggrin: Notice there is another one running rite on my bumper down here..
Awesome man. If the track personel only know how smooth these cars feel going down the track. Sure does sound nice running down the track!! I need to call you in the next few days. My motor is out and need some advice on building a stock motor as well. :D

Rob Hinson
sweet tta

just to think that motor is the **** one. The good stuff is on the shelf still. :eek:
Ya, just wait till I get my car shoveled out for this spring. You will see another stock block TTA on your tail!....I've been there before.

Nice vid.
Hibernation- n. The act or state of hibernating. :biggrin:

What was your reaction time :wink:



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