10 second 88 monte ss street car, clean, Philly

Real nice car. I'm sure someone will snatch it up!!! I have a buddie looking for a car like this, but shy of the price tag. I will show him this link anyway. Good luck.

help me sell this thing. what am i doing wrong here? I had a nice offer fall through do due to financing. give me some input. check out the video in the previous post. this car runs its butt off!
haven't sold it yet. had a few deals fall through. one guy wants it real bad for 9k but i'm holding out for a little more money.
Have you posted it at Monte Carlo SS Information & Resources I wish I had money to spend because thats a cool car for sure. If it was white with maroon interior, it would be in my garage! I have had 4 Monte SS's, all of which were white with maroon interior. One of them was my high school car and you know how badly you miss your high school car! Good luck man! -------Jeremy