100 Shot of nitrous oxide wet system complete


Sep 20, 2012

I had this system in my 3000gt and it really gave the car a nice extra boost. I removed it when I sold my 3000gt. I was gunna put it in the GN but I decided that I could use the money instead.
this is the complete wet system with a single fogger nozzle that screws into the intake pipe. the system is triggered by a WOT switch that I had mounted on my gas pedal that pushed 100 shot when I floored the pedal and the system was armed. comes with all wires switches, realy,solenoids,steel braided lines,fuel line tap,nos pressure gauge with 4an adaptor,and a 10lb bottle that is still pretty full but will have to be drained for shipping.. all you will need is the bottle mounting brackets that ive seen on ebay for $12 bucks.

here is what you get:
10lb nos bottle (blue)
1 fuel solenoid
1 nos solenoid
1 long steel braided nos line from the bottle to the solenoid
1 steel braided wet line from fuel tap to fuel solenoid
1 steel braided wet line from solenoid to fogger nozzle
1 steel braided nos line from solenoid to fogger nozzle
1 fogger nozzle
1 nozzle tap
nos pressure gauge with 4an mount adaptor
complete harness with relay
wot switch
all fittings needed for the lines
arming switch
bottle temp sticker

looking for $180 plus shipping
local pickup is ok also in long island ny western suffolk
THE ONLY TRADE I WOULD BE INTERESTED IN IS A GM MAF TRANSLATOR BOX. plus $25 towards shipping this nos kit


ok, I got a few pm's asking about the health of the solenoids so I just shot some video of them opening and closing. fully operational in great shape.

like I said before this system never gave me a problem and really gave my vr4 that extra boost of power. I would put it in my GN but I need the money for other things.