109 Girdled Stroker motor FRESH complete


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Jun 18, 2001
I am selling the motor out of my T-type as I built a fresh S2 offcenter motor for it. The motor is currently apart and at the machinist so everything can be inspected. I am willing to sell it assembled as a complete motor. The motor is apart only for inspection and everything is pretty much mint. The girdle was not sealed up well and is the reason I pulled the motor to begin with and that will hopefully be fixed. Engine was originally built by Lonnie at Extreme Automatics and has been in the car for the last 8 years with no issues and very little use. Maybe 10 passes at the track total.

Complete motor available intake to oil pan with front cover, balancer and Flexplate, assembled $9800

Block 109 with Girdle .040 stock oil pan
Diamond Pistons 9:1 compression
K1 6.300 Rods ARP 2000 bolts
3.625 Crank
Fresh bearings and rings
Brand New TA performance front cover and oil pump with all the modifications
Billet roller cam 214/212, I also have a 210/206 I can substitute
Comp Cams shielded hyd roller lifters.
Rollmaster timing chain and torrington bearing front cam stack
Stock Balancer and flexplate which have been modified for internal balance engine.

Iron heads that are one off custom heads done by Dale Robertson in the early 90's. You won't find another set of 8445 heads like these they have larger 1.84int/1.60 valves with offset guides and run 1.55 diameter springs. Custom T&D shaft mount rocker system to match valvetrain geometry. Extensive port work and the heads flow very very well. Fresh set of Comp springs for hyd roller, titanium retainers. These are the nicest set of ported iron heads I have seen or have had on a flow bench.

ARP head studs
Cometic Head gaskets
Comp Push rods
CNC ported stock intake with EGR welded and matched to the above heads, no dog house TB fuel rails etc.
Felpro 1200 intake gaskets
No valve covers

This is an older pic of when the motor was first assembled and put in the car. I can get new pics of everything apart. I am willing to sell the motor in various stages of completion but would like to sell it complete and would rather not separate it. This is everything one would need for a high end build to race and be competitive, or use as a really solid street motor.