109 Short Block and Misc Parts For Sale

James West

New Member
May 24, 2001
This is a package deal, all or none and does not include shipping or crating fees.

I have a stock, assemble 1987 Buick GN - T/Type 109 short block with 60k miles. It was bought out of a good running car that had been wrecked, this includes the turbo block, turbo crank, main caps, connecting rods and pistons & wrist pins, no cam or lifters.
- turbo oil return/drain back fitting that screws into the front of the block
- pair of complete V6 Buick 8445 cylinder heads
- (2) valve train rocker shafts, cleaned and ready to install
- stock oil pan with drain plug, cleaned and ready to install
- engine oil pick-up tube and gasket, brand new
- oil filter mount to front cover
- engine oil dip stick w/tube
- water pump pulley, painted and ready to install
- crankshaft pulley with intercooler fan
- harmonic balancer bolt and washer
- fuel injector wiring harness

I'll take $750.00 for everything listed above, the spare parts alone were worth about $300.00. Again price does not include shipping or block and heads crating fee of $25.00.