11.60@119.93 1.67 60'


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May 25, 2001
well.....I found the mph.....but the track sucked so bad no 60'.

It ran 11.60 @115 with 1.59-1.60 60's a couple months ago....

It was friday night.....and 300 ricers....they wouldn t let anyone drive around the water so every 18 sec ricer draged water up to the starting line.

This was on 22 psi , av gas, 22 degrees of timing. open electric cut out. It has a te45 , 55's, 9.5 vig ,et streets on stock wheels, and a front mount. I put a T= on that night on the way to the track actually.....I was at 12% rich @wot @1601 degrees egt.

I ll get the wide band back on and get some real tuning in. with traction and a couple mph it might sneak into the 10's....

I like the T+.

the rest of the car is bone stock.....52k miles
but the track sucked so bad no 60'


11.60@119.93 1.67 60'

Ya spoiled brat! :D You had about 50 people view this thread so far and probably atleast 30 of them wanted to smack you.

Your probably talking 11.40's with hard launch. I think thats a pretty stout mph for the boost.

Your post says av fuel, is that air plane fuel? I thought there's supposed to be some thing goofy about av fuel and it wont work good in a car.

Whats the limit for a stock long block car? 10.xx? I'm trying to find out myself. I'm starting to feel like I'm beating my head against the wall. I know $ for $ heads and cam will probably wake my car up more than any thing, but I fell like since I'm this close now I might as well see what it can do before I open it up.
I'm making 3 changes to start this year off: going from a 200r4 and 9" 3200 n/l to a turbo 400 with a switch pitch 4000/2000 convertor, going from a T-plus to a big stuff 3 wide band o2 fuel management set up, and I'm going from a precision .63 3 bolt turbine housing to a garrett .81 4 bolt housing.

Good luck with your car: Jason
Originally posted by nightdiver
wanna race ?:D
and Julio i just got a big can with meth:) its tuning time...........

T.. Your my Hero :D That truck is gonna scream...


I did this one last week. 421 ci, .700 roller, raised runner heads, d1 blower, 83's, FAST, bla bla bla :)

He's pulling 20 PSI on 93 octane.. anyone wanna go for top end :eek: .. hehe