Anyone running 255/60 M/T Drag radials?


Dec 31, 2001
I'm having the hardest time choosing wheels for my GN. I have to do something though as the BFG's with 25psi on alky with a 62/62 is just not working out for me. I'm thinking of the 255/60 M/T street Radial on the stock rim for now. I'd hate to spend $400 on rear tires and have the car still put the tires up in smoke every time I step on it. I've used these tires before and have cut 1.60 60's but on a completely different car and much larger size.
I have 23 psi on alky with a 235 MT drag radial - 1.60 60 ft. and no problem on the street at all. I've even run the same tire on a different car down to a best ET of 10.83 - was not a G body though. MT DRs work very well from my experience.