12" brake conversion - any other surprises?


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I'm getting ready to do a 12" brake conversion on my 87 GN. I've read that the bolt that holds on the upper control arm is keyed or something so that you have to take the nut off first. Are there any other surprises I need to look out for?
My 12" Baer bolted right up. Shoulda, but didn't realign front end. Didn't need to bleed brakes.

86 & 87 GN wheels will not fit. 84 & 85 GN fit with no issues. 87 TR wheels require a 5/32" spacer.
With B-body spindle 12 inch brakes, T-type wheels will fit without spacers.

Both Front and Rear GTA's will work with both the B-body and Baers and the Rears actually space larger tires away from the fender lip better than the Fronts.
Yes, the spindle will have to be reamed for the chrysler ball joint in the Robert Adams/UB machine arms.

One of the downsides of the B-body spindle swap is there is bump steer from the tie rod being mounted lower than it should be.

BAER makes adjustable tie rod ends to address this and running lower/stiffer springs in front will help, too.
No problem about the spindles, they were already reamed.

Do you by any chance know the part of number of the Baer tie rod ends to use?