12" brake parts LS1 PBR setup


Jun 6, 2007
I had been piecing these together for my buick but now i want to purchase the rear setup being sold here by another member so im putting my things for sale. All you need is the adapter braket and mod your spindles/rotor.

everything is used but in usable condition. pads had plenty left, and come off matching rotors. fronts include lines.

rears are calipers and rotors

nothing has been cleaned up yet, i had these in storage waiting on wheels.




everything: 300 willing to work on shipping/meet up

if you wish to separate pm me
170 shipped on the front brakes, the rears also now have the ebrake backing plates,shoes, and hoses , no need for brackets w those and you get ebrakes, pm me for price on rears, im likely to put those on soon
bump ... still have this set, I used the same set on my car on my car wth flynbye's adapter kit and the car changed dramatically!! looking to free up funds for engine build New price $100.00 plus shipping
looking to sell the fronts. thats is what is $100. lines, discs, calipers, pads . I have the complete rears same thing lines pads ,backing plates, bolts, calipers, discs, but these I want to keep for me and will consider selling for the right offer if anyone is truly interested . after seeing the dramatic difference the fronts did it would be on rails w the rears too. I also have the correct proportioning valve. I was considering getting rid of the vacuum setup as a whole but not needed w the bigger fronts. the car is night and day.
I have the front LS1 too. The fronts for $100 is a great deal I bought calipers for $75 shipped with lines and another $60 shipped for new Rotors/Pads. Thats $135. Someone can get a better deal if they are nearby.
All they would need is new Hubs $150 from FlynBye and the spindle bracket $75 from FlynBye as well $20 for new wheel nuts to fit the LS1 hubs. Modify the spindle and you got way better brakes.

How much for rears?