15 years later they are still talking about us

Yesterday, I was cruising the main strip here in Richmond and I pulled up to a brand new WRX. I was so excited to get a chance to run one of these cars. The older gray hair man rolled the window down and says your car is beautiful. I said thank you and was the WRX fast? He said it was ok because it had a stick. He said I would trade this thing in a minute to have my car and that he did not want any of the GN. I smiled and drove away. I just put the GNX wheels on my car and it stays very clean. These cars are bad ass and with T-tops "65 and sunny in VA first time I had the T-Tops out since I have owned the car". These cars have a soul and look very scary to other people.
Read the stuff on that site. Interesting. Not sure,. but I think the 3real snakes guy may be local. We have a guy with two Vipers(GTS and RT/10) and a AC Cobra replica.... Kinda odd. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that they are talking about a stock GN's times. They wouldn't know the difference between a stock GN and a 12sec recipe car if they were sitting next to each other. Unless you pop the hood, and then most of em wouldn't know what the hell they were lookin at anyway. I had a PT51, THDP, Poston Headers, Alky injection, Billet Regulator, etc etc etc and popped the hood for a guy up at the Sonic(where they used to...still occasionally do...meet up before heading out to race) and at least 6 or 7 people were looking at it. The one person I thought would notice something asked me if it was stock. I said sure, other than the ATR air canister and the cone filter in it, it was totally stock... nobody even looked at me funny. Had the 86GN up there when I first got it and it was 99% stock and I couldn't get a race if my life depended on it. No one believed it was stock. Even the F-body rew didn't really wanna run...only one said he would and he didn't seem too eager. At the time he had heads, cam, headers, and a "9psi" Vortech on his Formula. Fact is, most all of those guys have no idea what to look for on a GN to see if it has any potential whatsoever to run. So I posted it. We'll see what they think of what I had to say. Nothing I said is out of line, so let's see how they take it. I smell some non-believers out there....
this is why i love these cars...they are so mysterious to everyone!!! only the TRUE car people know what a GN is...

whoever turboman231 is...nice job explaining to that board what these cars are about!:D
Why thanks buddy!! :D

I'm turboman231 on there. Had to get registered and tell em how it is. ;)
Arg....everytime I read about how easy it is to mod our cars, I get so excited. Unfortunately my car has already drained too much $$. Oh well, guess i'll hafta wait.:( 3 weeks til summer vacation!!!!!
I love it when they say things like "a GN had about 245hp stock, so if he is stock or slightly modded you should have no problem"
:D :cool: :D
I want one of these cars so bad:D but i just bought my 93 cobra. Instead I'm just gonna throw a T-64 turbo on it. I agree with these cars being a big MYSTERY w/ everyone.
The guys on the site had really no idea of what they were talking about. I guess what gave it away for me was the fact that they all talk about HP and not torque. Torque rules the streets, always have - always will. Turbo Buicks make alot of torque quick.

Gotta love our cars for being so mysterious. You would think a GN especially would stick out but most people don't get it.

Venom, the only way you can redeem yourself here for going the blue oval route is to buy a TR or to rip out the V8 and put in a Buick powertrain.
ha ha ha, yeah right. Tell that one to my wife. (he he) I'd love to pic one up, there's one forsale in Detroit for $600 its got 180k on it, might pick it up just to play with.
600 bucks....you are dreaming my man. I called about the ad in some of the online classifieds....it's just a rearend. Call em up. If it's the ad that says it's got 3.73's in it....that's all it is man. Just the rearend. I sold a stock(3.42:1) 105k mile rear for 800bucks, so it's a decent price if you don't have to travel far to get it. Shipping would put it over the top though. Take it from being an ok deal to not being worth it. 3.73's means it's had them put in or it's out of a Cutlass 442 of about the same years as the GN it probably came out of. I'd call anyway. Here's the number for the rear. If the number you have is different, CALL IT!!! And let me know how it goes by email. I'll give you double for the car. Anyway, here's the number I got for the rear: 313-931-9084
I've got a bunch of numbers for cars, but I'm pretty sure that's the right one. Like I said man, if that number you have is different, let me know!
Back on topic...

I've got a WRX, and I hang out with some of local street racers, they're a big mix of people, ages from 16 all the way up to 40+, almost 100% import guys.

Anyway, I brought the GN out one night, and spent most of the evening wiping drool off of the fenders. Nobody really knows that much about them, just that they're six cylinders, and "don't even try to take one on the street." I heard that exact line about fifteen times in the course of that evening.

Even among the Fast and the Furious crowd, there's respect (at least in Kentucky).

What's really amusing is watching the kiddos with their turbo'd Civics dealing with problems (lean conditions, boost creep, knocking, injector sizing, gas mixtures) that we've had solved for years, and then being completely amazed when I send them to GNTType.org or here for information. It never occurs to them that a "bunch of domestics" have been dealing with these issues for 15+ years.