150 watt RMS/Channel Amplifier(s)


Daily Driver
May 25, 2001
Anyone out there know who makes a decent sounding and priced amplifier rated approx. 150 watts RMS per channel into 4 ohms?

It will not have to pound bass as it will be for the vocals and only the front speakers crossed over at 120Hz.

I'd prefer a smaller package/footprint also.

TIA. :)
I will check with my buds at the stereo shop, they usually get good used equipment for trade for their new stuff.

Earthquake makes very clean and balzy amplifiers that are quite equal in performance to the Rockford amps for a little cheaper price if you want to check them out.
I dont think you can ever go wrong with any of the kicker products, even their impulse line is really good stuff!!
except the Kicker doesn't fit the $/watt bill....those amps (ZR series) are several hundred $$ overpriced....
Used is good too. Thanks for looking.

I like my Kenwood but it's kinda big, and I don't think the new ones are as good as the old ones.

My old 1978 Zapco still works fine, sounds great too. :)

Gonna have to dig out that Car Stereo directory from April I guess. Don't read as much as I used to.... lol

Going to upgrade my Profile 100watt/ch. amp. for the front and door speakers.

Oh 2 ohm stable would be nice..... :D

Might want to check out MTX, have a four channel running my whole system- Diamond Audio Mids and tweets for front stage, coax for rear fill, and a single 12" for the low end. Spec wise it's rated at 37watts rms x 4 at 4 ohms- birth sheet said it was producing 77watts rms x 4 at 4ohms. #3 and #4 are bridged running the 12, and it definetely pounds with clarity. They usually give you a fully adjustable crossover also, was another big selling point for me- one steep 24db crossover for each pair of channels- most are only 12db. Had mine for a year or so and no problems to date. I love club music so it get's a good workout and doesn't sweat a bit when the volume is up. Just my .02
I use a pioneer 80x2 for my rear deck speakers. Had it on a box before didnt like it. but it produces some awsome mids/highs
125 - 175 watts RMS per channel is my limit.

I use my 85 watt RMS per channel original Zapco amplifier, 1st generation, for the rear fill to my Pioneer 3 way 4 x 10's from 120Hz>20KHz or so. That amplifier works great, sounds great for that application.

I may get a McIntosh 100 watt per channel but then again they are larger also. Meters are cool though.....

Gotta check out PPI, Xtant, the Earthquakes, MTX, and maybe a newer Zapco unit.

Ebay might be a good place to look, lotsa vendors with new equipment there the last time I looked. :)