15x10 tire option ?

I have the 275/60/15 on the 9" Pro, w/ 4.5" b/s. It looks as tho the 10 would have worked, also.
Rail is moved, lip rolled, gives me room for more tire, should the need arise.:smuggrin:
I would say a 295/55-15 fits a 10" a bit better then a 275/60, its just a little shorter in height at 27.8" but has more width to the ground.
Here is mine. 15x8 with 3 7/8 bs on 275/60/15 DR
Buick 012.JPG
275/60/15 on a 10" rim requires no frame modifications if you have the correct back spacing (4 3/8") on your rim. What it does require is the trim on the outside of your fender to be removed and the lip that the trim is attached to, to be rolled up to give you the added clearance needed so that the tire doesn't get sliced to shreds by the lip.