1600+ part throttle on OD.


What gives? I can peg the crap out of the EGT meter in D and OD with just part throttle and about 5-10 psig boost. Pulls pretty good, but the temps get to above 1600 and the knock meter pegs red. I guess it has been doing this for many years, but now that I have the EGT and the knock sensor installed, I can see these things.
Almost makes me want to pull these meters out. Ignorance WAS bliss. This is with a JC 93 chip and a 3" MAF. Otherwise stock. Any ideas? ERIC.:confused:
my guess is you are pig rich( burning gas in the downpipe would account for the EGT) or something would have broken (although maybe not at 10 lbs boost...)
My EGT probe is in the crossover pipe just after the driver side header to cross over pipe connection. Would not pig rich make it run MUCH cooler? I also have a problem with running the car at low boost not getting past 1450 degrees in 1st or 2nd. THat makes it stutter a little on the top end. BUT when 3rd comes around it gets to 1600 real quick like and stays there. I find that now I have an EGT meter, I am tuning more with boost than fuel. I can get about 13 psig in 3rd and OD without getting too hot (1600++).
I would rather just turn the fuel up, but with this crappy gas, I can not turn the boost enough to make the temps come up to stop the stutter. Guess I need FelPro and be done with it. ERIC.:)
If you're really rich then that can cause the EGT to be hot as well because the fuel is burning in the manifolds.

That doesn't sound like the case here. if the chip you have of mine is fairly recent, you should be able to rune the EGT (and hopefully the knock) with fuel pressure since most of the variables that control fuel delivery at WOT are locked.

Also, FYI, it's better to have your probe mounted where others have them so that you can relate back to others temperatures. I've never heard of anyone mounting a probe in the crossover. Most people mount them in the downpipe or in the passenger side header right below the turbo.

Good luck

Thinks for the replies guys. I put it there cause it was easy. I saw the meter just above 1600 and it pulled really hard, but that does not mean it is good.
JAY, I have another problem, when I take the car out in the evening after it has been sitting for 1-2 hours (shooting pool) if I take it out for a hot lap, it will not get above 1500 degrees in 1st or 2nd and it will stutter at the top end, but when 3rd comes around, it gets to 1600 real nice. Is this just a function of the 02 sensor not having enough time to redo the fuel tables? The temp goes from 90 during the day to 70 at night.
If I mount the EGT in the down pipe, what temps should I be looking for? ERIC.:confused:
you wanna mount it on the uppipe, not the downpipe, just opposite the 02 sensor....every combo is different, but "normal" at the top of 3rd gear and WOT would fall in the range of high 1500's to maybe mid 1600's
As I said before, if the chip is recent, then the O2 is kind of out of the game at WOT so while operating temperature could have a small impact on performance, it should not be substantial.

Also, something to keep in mind. The EGT numbers people here are quoting go RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW with pump gas. If you try to tune for 1550-1600 with pump gas, you WILL have a meltdown.
My plan is to put it in the 02 sensor location when I run the ME chip (Sorry Jay, you do make a really good performing chip though.) What are some target temps to look for on "pump gas" I assume you mean 92-93 octane right? ERIC.:)