16030 A/C convertor...What stall is it????



I have a 10" Art Carr non-lockup convertor in my car. Part #16030 Does any one know what stall speed this convertor is. Thanks in advance. Scott
convertor stall speed

i made an attempt to look up that information for you. the REAL Art Carr does not have this info. on his web site but he does have a e-mail for questions. it is: info@artcarrtransmission.com (they are based out of California).

i also went to the company who bought his name to use as a company, it has some bad reviews from people on this board, but their web page is so slow i thought my cable modem reverted back to a 14.4. modem. LOL... they have some contact info.: 1-888-526-5868. they are in Abilene, Texas....e-mail them at Sales@artcarr.com.
i would probably contact the REAL art carr company. here is the number: 1-800-ART-CARR (1-800-278-2277). i hope this helps.

It really depends upon what was ordered as the stall can be made over a range of rpms. Beyond that, it depends upon how much power you are making.

If it is in the car, put your foot on the brake and floor the pedal for a second....see what the rpm reads when the tires start to move. Make sure no one is in front of you and don't keep it on the floor for more than two or three seconds. It heats the tranny fluid very quickly when you do this.