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  • Steve, i have not been able to find any recent post's by you on either site and was wondering how you were doing. My user name on the other site is Goneinsix. Hope everything is well with you and would like to know that your doing fine. Have a great day friend.
    Dean Griffin
    Steve, Hopefully you remember me. I have asked you tech questions in the past but it has been awhile. Hoping you can help me with this one. My A/C sounds the same and does not increase when I go from Regular to Max. It seems as if I should hear and feel a difference going from regular to max. I have checked a lot of things with no luck. Checked all vacuum lines, vacuum reserve "ball" the flapper door (and arm)behind the glove box. All looks ok with those items. Can you point me out on what else I can try considering these symptoms. Air comes out in correct vents and comes out cold also. Thanks in advance for your help? Kent Buckles
    DeSoto Illinois
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