1980 cutlass 4.8/4l80e swapped


Aug 12, 2006
1980 cutlass 4.8/4l80 swapped ...I bought this about 6 yrs ago from original female owner from Whittier ca. It was originally a diesel powered car wich makes it smog exempt here in Cali and that was the main reason I bought the car I drove it for years with the Diesel engine until the tranny went out .... So I swapped the 4.8/4l80e motor in it and been daily driving it for over a year all the factory gauges work except the speedometer I haven't bought the x box to have the factory speedo working....I just finished getting the a/c working and it's blowing nice and cold....car has just over 100k miles on the body and the motor has about 140k .... Original paint no rust I had the vinyl top done about 4 months ago ....car runs excellent trans shifts perfect I would not hesitate to drive this any where... I have a line on a 87 T and I need the room that's why its for sale.... Perfect for some one to throw a turbo on it.....asking 5k
This is a car I've wanted with the swap I've wanted to do. Too far. Price isn't bad at all.
I had to make my own I wanted the hood to clear so they are real low the oil pan is about a 1/4 " from cross member
Nice looking car! Great price! Somebody should buy this and road trip it home. That's what I would do if it were lc2 powered.
Let's try this again fellas .... Cant believe I posted this in 2015 ... Been daily driving it everyday all day ..... A/c is cranking cold , put intrepid fans ....
I see the post is old. Anything different, worn out, a/c work, paint, canvas top, interior? I’ll assume it’s rust free
Car is pretty much the same .... absolutely no rust all og paint .... a/c still blows cold