1982 GN dash on ebay

When I get home I will compare the wear on the cluster to the pics of the one I found in the cow lot, remember I sent the pics to you on a cd? The car that had the 85 regal vin phillips screwed on? The location of the ebay ad is under 2 hours from me so it's possible. Also it's close to where turbofish38's old car was last seen, though it was turbo.
When I get home I will compare the wear on the cluster to the pics of the one I found in the cow lot, remember I sent the pics to you on a cd? The car that had the 85 regal vin phillips screwed on? The location of the ebay ad is under 2 hours from me so it's possible. Also it's close to where turbofish38's old car was last seen, though it was turbo.

I remember now. I found pictures. This dash looks much worse. :(
That breaks my heat to see that. Mine looks better even after being exposed to the Texas heat.:( Send me a pic of what you've got Dan, it might be what I'm looking for.;)
Do the 1982 grand nationals hold much value because there were so few made? When I first started looking for one there was a local guy that had one for 3500 but it had a 350 in it. I didn't buy it for that reason and because it was 3 tone grey and black and I wanted an all black one. Now it is bright green and has 24s on it....
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Dear b4black,
Sad to say the person that had this car turned it into a hobby stock racer I saved this dash from the scrap pile and knew some one would be glad to own it all my reserch told me also there were only 215 made
Some people are just idiots and that shows that dirt trackers once some of the dumbest.:confused:
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I just picked up my '82 GN in Deer Park, Texas.

I thought long and hard about driving it home vs. trailering, and chose to take the chance.
Well, I made it as far as Montgomery, AL, almost close enough to spit at my home base in Atlanta.
The poor little 155,000 mile THM200 gave out.
But I always figured I'd rebuild it anyway.
So, had to go back and retrieve it on a trailer.

All in all, the car is decent.

4.1 non-turbo Engine is pretty bone stock. Of course, what could one really do to it.

Paint is pretty faded, but the decals are quite visible.
Chrome trim and bumpers are ok - some slight pitting, but plenty of those Regal Limited chrome pieces avail.

Body is straight except for a small ding very low in the passenger qtr panel.

Interior is pretty good, drivers seat bolster cloth has small hole.

The leather is all great.

Some of the interior plastic trim pieces are meat, as well as the door lowers.
I'll get Brian or others to help me out with a few of the pieces I need.
But I don't see any of that being a huge issue.
For an '82

It did ride like crap on the highway, but most of the suspension bushings and shocks have been replaced, so not sure what's up with that.
And the T-tops leaks air and whistle like crazy - even though I had tape completely covering the seal area - do don't know where the wind is getting in.

But I'm looking forward to me long term resto and having one.
Even though they don't seem to fetch alot of interest or money, it's crazy since they were the original and I feel like there are probably 100 or units left that are even worth looking at.

Is the registry still going on since my vin is not listed?
Well the first thing is it should have a TH350 in it, not a 200 or 2004R. TH 350's are still fairly common so it should be easy to replace. If you look at the stickeys in the B4black section I did a post some time ago about how to modify the 4.1 intake and increase flow without hurting stock manors.
Ahhh..thanks for that heads up since I am new to the non-TR variant, I misunderstood the tranny setup / option.
I'll learn the details on this one in due time I'm sure.
I just always wanted an original 82 prototype as part of my collection and found this one during my travels, for a price I thought was good. ($3500)?

Heck, a THM350 is a very easy tranny to find - however unless there is serious damage in mine, I suspect I should rebuild the one in the car - to have - a "numbers matching" - assuming there is any ID on the tranny matching it to the engine / car.

I glanced at that sticky, and am going to review since my resto plan I think will be to rebuild the drive train now first, then take the roller to my paint/body while the engine / trans are being re-worked.
I was going to do the paint / body / interior / driveline in that order, but the tranny breakdown casues me to re-arrange my plan now.

I need to go do a search for the "Buick" Shadow decals on the rear qtr panels, and the trunk lid - again, so I can get those ready when it is painted

This car is a little bit of a puzzle to me...it has some things that make you think, hmmm, is it a clone, and it is not exactly the same as say Tommy Riggs' 82 which is really the only one I've laid eyes on personally.

But I know there were some variations in the way the 215 were put together.

1 - It has a "Buick Regal" (in small script) dash plaque - and I swore I thought there was supposed to be a "Grand National" logo on the plaque.
2 - The nose ornament is that blue Signature type - I swore Tommy's car has something different.
3 - And mine has the block lettering on the fenders that say "Grand National" - like in the prototype pictures in B4B - w/o any GN fender emblems; which I understand were sometimes dealer installed.
There is a GN emblem on the driver's side of the trunk lid; as per correct.
4 - And I have an all light grey console? - I thought the lower and middle was supposed to be black but maybe I'm mistaken.
5 - Sand carpet; sand colored T-tops interior trim pieces, and yet light grey door panels / sail panels etc. Correct?
But, it has the correct paint codes on the cowl tag, all the interior look correct, and it's a real stretch to think someone was able to find all the correct pieces, and convert a T-top 82 to a GN.
And it has the correct (black) dash / including clock delete with Grand National / Buick Motor Division bezel.
Even the (rare) front air dam and correct original chrome wheel center caps with the black tri-shield centers.

Can't see how that would be worth anyone's time to do a clone - let alone finding all the correct parts.

My VIN is 1G1AJ4743CH219859 in case someone is interested in checking or adding it to the / a registry.
Sounds legit to me. The one I saw in person, I figured to be a clone for various reasons but it was real.
  1. Buick Regal on the dash plate is correct for an '82 GN.
  2. Hood Ornament should be the standard blue square logo on a non-turbo car.
  3. Fender emblems are sort of random - most likely someone added them later.
  4. Console should be all light grey
  5. Sand interior might not be correct/changed
PM sent on the decals.

VIN 219859 might be a new one to add to the registry. The registry is sort of in limbo since I can't edit it any more on turbobuicks.com. I need to find a better home for it (winter project).
If it's through turbobuicks I can amend things for you Rich. I go in for hernia surgery in about 2 hours and will be down for a couple of days but email me with what needs being done and I should be able to do it.;)
I just need to be able to edit old posts again. But then no one goes over there any more. Looks like I can edit old posts here, so maybe that is the solution.

Weird thing about a registry - some poeple want thier information shared so everyone knows they own the car, and others want to keep it private.

Good luck on the surgery.
Out and hurting right now Rich. If you want to move things over here I'll stick them so it still exists.;)