1984 Buick Grand National Roller As Is

017.JPG 018 (2).JPG 019 (2).JPG 020 (2).JPG 005 (3).jpg 001.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 008.jpg Here's a great Winter project or a parts car for your present project. 1984 Buick Grand National. purchased out of Texas in the late 90s.. Engine block was cracked, so it and the tranny are gone. Following is a list of other items that have been removed:

Lear Siegler seats
Front bumper and bumper shocks
Rear bumper and bumper shocks
Front molded facia and grill
All bumper fillers
Front fenders
Steering wheel & upper column
Rear spoiler
Exhaust system
Dash plaque, glove box and speedo cluster (removed since pictures were taken)

Front spoiler and radiator shroud are detached, but I have them.

Even if you just wanted to finish parting it out, there's still a lot of meat on the bone. These items and many more are still there: Shifter asm w/handle, console, dash, doors, hydro-boost system, brake lines, fuel lines, a trunk lid pre-drilled for the factory spoiler. The list goes on and on.

Texas title in hand. Come buy it!

UPDATE: It's going back outside with a cover if not sold this week. Then it can sit for Winter.

$999005 (3).jpg 001.jpg 004.jpg
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Dash plaque and glove box removed. $1399obo. Speedo cluster will be removed soon and the car repriced at that time.
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