1984 buick t-type for sale


trade me an intercooled
Jun 7, 2008
1984 buick t-type for sale


i have a 1984 maroon on maroon t-type for sale

it has 68,xxx original miles on it, power windows, power sunroof, (gnx) style 15 inch wheels with new rubber completely stock, all original ac (needs recharge) plenty more to tell.... i also have the original t style wheels that come with the car.

history on the car... it sat for 17 years in front of the previous owners house... so when i got it i did alot of cleaning i mean alot of cleaning to get it to where it is.. i also got it running and driving... not great but it runs and drives... completeley clean body no major dents nice and straight. i had the dealership do the tune up and i put new shocks all the way around...

**pm me for more info**

price $3300 OBO let me kno shoot me an offer willing to negotiate


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come on guys this is a good vehicle low mileage low owner... everything is there this regal is worth the parts no questions asked...
maybe 2500 let me kno people need to jsut shoot me some offers im open to trades also let me kno..
yea if you could send pics to my email... i shot you an email just now... my name is david by the way...
more info please, console, cruise,etc, how about a pic of the rpo codes on the trunk lid, pics of engine, interior, etc, thanks.