1984 T type, w/ intercooled Duttweiler motor


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Apr 18, 2002
1884 T type. Gallinas super stocker race car, duttweiler motor,( 565 rwhp) extreme trans, mark williams axles,
bb70 turbo. 55lb inj, FAST ECM w/ wide band 02, heads and intake ported, big neck SLIC,
atr headers, razors alky, MSD ign, adj upper and lower rear susp, full cage,
full interior, complete gauge set up, 3 in exhaust.
car is licensed and insured in AZ, and much more, I have new ,painted fillers , yet to be installed,
and fuel pump died yesterday, so new pump ordered today,
84  L side.jpg84 R side.jpgnov 23 int -5.jpgnov 23 eng-6.jpg2005 dayton, oh.jpeg
84  L side.jpg
84 R side.jpg
nov 23 int -5.jpg
nov 23 eng-6.jpg
2005 dayton, oh.jpeg
That car has some history. That was Marka's Stock Eliminator car that set the national record. I didn't know it ever ran in Super Stock. Price??