1985 buick regal t-type for sale (one owner)

Christopher Moretti

New Member
Oct 23, 2012
First off this is no scam I am trying to help my cousin sell her 1985 t-type-limited . It is a one owner car she bought it brand new . The car has 50000 plus ...it is in need for a rebuild it hasnt been driven for close to 10 years it propably been about 4 years since started last. It has not been molested original rims most all stock .I have had a few people look at it . No real rot to speak of ...surface rusting from sitting . It is just needs a home .I am a camaro guy myself 68 big block 454 that runs 10.0 all motor.I have no interest in the car but to see it go to a good home.I know the 85 was not a good resale year but some car guy out there must want one of these in is stable.My buddy said it has the 10 bolt better rear end in it . It is located in Massachusetts.I will get pictures as needed. She just wants to get fair price for it . Thanks for looking.

The price is 6000.00 negotiable.

My name is Chris