1985 frame + suspension, etc (north Georgia)


Jul 4, 2004
$150 takes it.


Have the frame with suspension from a 1985 Regal. Good shape, not rusty, still has the body cabin carcass on it. Suspension is stock, rear end is 7.5 peg leg with highway gears (believe 2.41)

You will need your own wheels/tires to move it.

I plan on removing the currently pictured steering column and the vacuum brake pedal/reman booster/master cyl/prop valve to sell separately.

The body carcass has good LH quarter panel, rockers, roof, door pillars if wanting to use for patch panels.

Not going to keep it long, just figured I'd offer it up before scrapping it.
Bump, probably going to scrap around new years.

Nobody needs nice frame/suspension?

(Also, vacuum brake system and steering column removed/sold.)