1986 1987 T-Type wanted

I have a 1987 Turbo-T, rare D-84 silver over gray two-tone I might part with......if the price is right. It's Canadian built has 55,000 original miles, fully original on the exterior/exterior and I'm the 2nd owner. I have full documentation, window sticker and all the OEM parts stored. Original Canadian owner had a GNX style dash from VDO installed, stock 1992 GMC CD stereo installed in the OEM hole, $18k into the engine yet everything maintains a stock/OEM appearance to the untrained eye. I don't have the dyno sheet but he said it was tuned to turn 457HP at the rear wheels although I had it detuned via chip to run street fuel. It was bought and built as a killer sleeper and yet still runs and drives as an OEM Turbo-T. Just drove it yesterday for several hours and blows ice cold A/C with the cruise control and can be driven by any grandmother to get groceries. No idea what it might appraise for but wouldn't part if for less than $50,000 considering only @ 4,700 Turbo-T's were built in 1987 and even fewer were D-84 two-tone units. Dennis Kirban couldn't confirm how many were but said over the phone but confirmed "not many". Only options not included on the window sticker are: Digital Dash, Twilight Sentinel, Trunk Kit and Factory Alarm.

Nothing under $50,000 would take it considering the rarity of how these rare vehicles are becoming.
Super nice car, but rare as it may be 87 Ts don't usually get that kind of money.