1986 Buick Regal T-Type * 43k miles * Loaded * Great History * Very Nice!


Aug 26, 2001

This car has never been advertised before. I have personally known this local car and the owners for almost 20 years. When I worked for Valvoline 20 years ago, a friend of mine (Paul) and I worked for the owner and manager (Berry) of the franchise. All 3 of us have remained friends over the last 20 years.

One day on his way to work 20 years ago, Berry spotted this T-Type for sale on a new car dealership lot, being sold on consignment from a fellow named Don. The car had 20k miles and he bought it for $11k. Approximately 9 years later, Berry decided he was ready for a change and wanted a Cyclone. He offered the car to Paul and I first before advertising it for sale. Paul ended up buying the car. Fast forward another 9 years (current day), Paul had talked to me about selling the car. Since he has been in and out of Iraq over the last year or so and doesn’t have time for it any longer, he wanted me to take the car home this summer, go over the car, put some miles on it, and put it up for sale at the end of summer when he returns from Iraq.

Well here we are, at the end of summer, Paul is home from Iraq, and I’m putting the car up for sale for him at his request. The reason he put the car in my hands and wants me to handle the sale is; because I have owned 7 G-Bodies, 4 Regals, been working on cars for 25 years, been following Turbo Regals for 20 years, been a member of Turbo Buick for 8 years, and I probably know more about his car than he does.


This car has always been a weekend driver only. It’s also been driven regularly and yearly. The car never sat for long periods of time. Berry was a Master technician (still is today) so the car always received royal treatment in regards to fluids, service and maintenance. The car was never abused or beaten. It went to Keystone Raceway only a few times in the early 90’s, so it has seen very limited track time.


Engine is stock, never been opened or removed. The intake was removed once for cleaning and injector maintenance. It is VERY quiet and VERY dry. No leaks! It has been recently tuned and runs perfectly. It has a few external modifications, some old school and some newer… larger intercooler scoop, K&N air filter, 160 thermostat, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, chrome dressup items, adjustable external wastegate, boost controller in console, factory headers cleaned up & jet-coated, hooker downpipe jetcoated, pitbull exhaust, Turbo Tweak computer chip for stock injectors and 93 octane.


Berry had the original transmission pulled in the mid 90’s and freshened up. There was nothing wrong with it at the time, he just liked to spend money on the car. It shifts great and the fluid is cherry. There is also an external trans cooler. The rear axle is G80, stock, never messed with, only received fluid changes.


A few years ago, Paul wanted to spend some money on the car, so he pulled the upper and lower control arms, blasted them, painted them, new control arm bushing, new ball joints, new anti-sway bar end links, replaced shocks and front springs I believe. With the car having only 40k miles it really didn’t need it, but because the car was 20 years old and he was looking for something to improve, he felt it was a worthy upgrade. The brakes are very up to date with newer wheel cylinders and hardware in the rear, newer rotors and pads up front, new accumulator ball, and all new fluid. The GN wheels are driver quality, I would rate them a 7 out of 10. The tires are one-year-old, 235/60/15, BF Goodrich T/As, with less than 2000 miles on them.


Never wrecked and never rusted out. The car is super clean. In the mid 90’s, the door bottoms started to blister, so Berry had the door bottoms redone and the sides of the car repainted. They did an excellent job, looks like factory paint and matches excellent. The roof, trunk and rear bumper fillers still wear the factory paint. At a later date, I believe he also had the hood, header panel and front bumper fillers repainted. The are only a couple of stone chips and one ding in the drivers door below the handle & side molding. I would rate the paint an 8 out of 10. The undercarriage is very clean, it didn’t see any winters.


The interior is beautiful, as you would expect of a 43k mile car. I would rate it a 9 out of 10. The headliner was replaced last year. The only real flaw I can think of is the original sunvisor material has pulled away. The car is LOADED with options and power equipment, including digital climate control and twilight sentential. You can see a list of all the options on the RPO sticker in the photographs including the VIN number if you wish to confirm the history I have described at the top of the page. The non-stock items include a pillar boost gauge, dual console gauges, boost controller in the console, and an old school ATR air-fuel meter. My favorite addition is the Delco stereo from a late 80’s Oldsmobile Touring Sedan. It matches the digital climate control so much better than the factory stereo without the knobs because everything is flush and push button. Looks cleaner and more correct, especially since it has the same square décor, colors and fonts as the Regal.


The bumpers are really nice, I would give them an 8.5 out of 10. Any nicer and they would be perfect. The grill is about a 7 out of 10, still decent but the top bar showing it’s age. All the trim is in good shape. The door seals and window seals are also nice. The window dew wipes were replaced, so they are excellent.


Everything works as it should. The only thing I’m aware of that doesn’t work properly is the A/C. It did work 2 years ago, but doesn’t blow cold now. I have 2 cans of R12 on the shelf, but I don’t have the tool to fill it because somebody borrowed it and never returned it. It still has the Delco fuel pump with good pressure and I also have a new hotwire kit not installed to go with car. I was planning on doing that upgrade this summer, but with so many Walbro pumps failing, I didn't want to go that route. The new owner can decide which direction they want to go in regards to fuel delivery. There is also a really nice quality embroidered car cover that goes with the car.

Overall this is a really nice T-Type with a great history and ownership. I feel the pictures accurately reflect the cars condition. What the pictures don’t show is how nice the car runs and drives. It’s very smooth and tight, it feels like a 43k car should. Is it perfect? No. Is it a show winner? No. It IS a very nice low mileage example that was always cared for. I don’t see how anyone could be disappointed with this car.


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Asking $14,500. The car is located in Pittsburgh, PA. Will help with shipping arrangements. Serious inquiries only please. The car is being offered to the Turbo Buick Community until Sunday September 28th. If I don’t have any serious buyers at that point, I am putting the car up for auction on ebay Sunday evening.

Please contact me via email…

btdpgh (at) gmail (dot) com

Just wanted to comment on a really nice and thorough representation of the car. Just had one question and I apologize if I missed it in the writeup, but does the seller still have the original wheels for the car? That's all I was wondering. Good luck with the sale and here is a free bump!:cool:
The pictures do not do this car justice, you must see it in person. I have ridden in this car, it runs and drives like new.
That is a beautiful T. Looks like alot of time and patience has been invested in this car. Good luck with the sale.
Thanks for all the positive feedback.

Have 3 people interested, holding off on auction for a few days.

If it's not sold by the end of the week, it's going on ebay.

Once it goes on ebay, I will only sell it through ebay.

Opportunity is now.
Eric, the car is still for sale. I had 3 people interested a few weeks ago, which is why I never put on ebay, but they all fizzled out. I've have 3 more new people inquire about the car over the last 48 hours. If you are interested in contacting me, I provided my email address at the bottom of the ad.

G-Force, I don't negotiate a sale of a car publicly. I've had offers higher than that and turned them down. If your interested in the car, contact me personally.
Hell of a car, if I didn't already have a project lined up for this winter I would be all over it.

Makes me miss my T that was stolen, same color, same interior.
A deposit was put on the car today.

So as of today the car is sold.

I will update if anything changes.

Thanks to all who took interest.
Just to set the record straight...

Wasn't meant to be I guess!

When I spoke with you on the phone when the car was still for sale, I told you what the bottom dollar was out of consideration because of the distance you would be traveling. You kept repeatedly offering a lower amount I could not accept. You had an opportunity to buy the car for the bottom dollar and you decided not to.

I was trying to get in touch with you for days.

You never left a voice message and you never sent an email. I am very busy and can't answer my phone every time it rings. I always return voice messages & emails within 12 hours. If you had left a voice message or sent an email I would have responded.

These things might help you in the future when pursuing another car.
My offer was a mere $500 less than your bottom line and I asked if you would consider accepting my offer only because it would cost me an adiitional $900 to ship the car to me and an additional $500 round trip ticket plus hotel. If the car was close by, upon inspection I am sure I would pay your bottom line. It is true I was pursueing this car but I never repeatedly offer you a lower amount. I emailed you my offer and I did repeatedly try to get in touch with you by email and a private message. Thanks anyway and good luck with the sale.