1986 gn FOR SALE...68000 miles..Hate to sell


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Apr 17, 2004
I really hate to do this but...I am selling my 86 gn that has 68000 miles on it. I bought the car aprox. 5 years ago and have been fixing/ buying parts for it since. When i bought the car it had 66215 miles on it. I have a carfax showing the milage is true and accurate..thats why i bought the car. Since i have owed it I have Done A lot to it...Not to many High performance parts but it moves. The main thing left to do now is the PAINT....Its original and its shot...Checked like crazy..Also there is 2 little rust spots in the rear quaters near the wheel wells...The bottoms of the doors are also a little rusty..all common..I have owed 7 or 8 of these so i do know them well. Now i planned on having a great paint job and all the dings taken care of...But To much going on..Besides that i will try and list everything else i have done..Also the car comes with MANY extra Parts Which i will list at the END...


Was completly rebuilt after i had the car 500 miles because it developed a bearing knock. When rebuilt it had newly rebuilt heads installed, The motor now has about 1500 miles on it. The car purrs and dosent leak any oil. I paid over 2000. for this rebuild. Also has new crank shaft, pistons, etc..everything was new..

New Turbo...just put it on last month..The orginial was smoking..This new 1 is stock and works perfect...also has an adjustable waste gate..
Adjustable fuel pressure regulater..
kn air filter
New mass air flow sensor
Big Neck Intercooler
Chrome MAF Pipe and Oil filler in valve cover
New Alternator
Exaust manifolds have been welded and are perfect
Walbro Double pumper Gas pump with hotwire kit
New gas Tank

Thats What i Remember...One problem with the motor i am having...The battery will not charge..i put the new alternator thinking it was that but it wasnt..so there must be a loose ground somewhere. The car will Run fine until the Battery is dead. (which i learned the hard way, on 195)

The exuast has a brand new flowmaster duel exaust muffler, and has a test pipe..no catalitic converter...i dont have the orginial one.

Ok..so i had the motor rebuilt..500 miles after the motor was done the tranny blows up. Must not have been used to a fresh motor...Well the tranny i had was pretty shot. So the person who did the motor had a tranny from HIS 20000 mile gn. Which he pulled when he started tracking his. So he sold me that...so the tranny is from a 20000 mile gn and a shift kit was installed. the vin number is still on the tranny so you can check carfax and see the car only has 27000 miles on it now. The tranny is perfect and will last forever i think.

The Rear Main Seal is dripping a little...i have done the rear main seal 4 times in the last 2000 miles and its good fro about 400 miles then it drips again. i know this is one of the gn flaws but it urked me. But its dripping a little again.


I had the whole Front end re-done..New shocks, tie rods, upper and lower a arm bushings etc.., everything was done by gm using gm parts...that cost almost 1000.00...also new rear shocks are installed.

Are all Brand new Bf Goodrich...Rears are P275/50r15s ...biggest tire you can put on a 15...Fronts are p215/60r15...
3 of the tires have 5 miles on them...one of the rears might have 100...while the car was parked someone slashed 3 of the tires so i have to replace 3 of them...The car has been garaged for the past 2 years...

As you see i have the black tints on the car...They are illegal in this state i dont know about yours...The upper and lower door panels were new, i bought them after the car...but they are dirty now from sitting..i have the originals somewhere..The front seats are ok, not great, someone stole the originial headrests 1 day i had the t-tops off...there are tan ones there but i do have a set of headrest covers that will go with the car..Back seat is good but Dirty..ALSO I HAVE A EXTRA SET OF SEATS OUT OF A 20000 MILE CAR THAT ARE MINT....That will go with the car..THese extra seats are minttttt...
Visors in the car are shot...EXTRA MINT SET..Goes with the Car.
The shifter handle is not from a gn. EXTRA new in box shifter handle goes with car.
The rug is OK. The Dash Is good. trim is all good...Steering wheel is Crappy and the trim ring is broken..i think i have another 1 somewhere but i need to look.


This system orginially cost over 3000.00, it pounds..The headunit is a sony flip down cd player, that cost 500.00, theres kenwood 4x10s in the rear deck, clarion 31/2s in the front, mtx tweeters on the dash cover, 2-12 kicker substations..500 watts each in the trunk..A sedona apa500ix pro percision amp 1300.org. and a kenwood 120 watt amp..mounted in the trunk..this was all pro. installed...It Has a 1/2 thick power wire that goes to the battery and in-line fuses..its really loud.

The only other problem i see is the Brake System..the cars bee sitting a while and i think theres air in the system..the peddal is real spongy and the brakes grab real hard when you hit them..i did install a new bowl.(the black round ball thing)not to long ago and i dont remember if i ever bled it.


1 set front seats from 20000 mile car..mint
1 set rear seats from 20000 mile car...mint
1 set brand new sunvisors..mint
1 set new front headlight bezals...new
1-brand new shifter handle...new
1- 31/2" Terry houston Downpipe..is used but mint...
1 stock intercooler
1 stock turbo and adjustable wastegate..no good
1- extra center console top(where astray goes)
also there is a couple of boxes of stock parts that came off the car, door panels orginial air box etc...i dont remember everything...
also anything else i find goes with the car.

I have the car fax for the car if you want it i can email it to you but i will put the vin for it also.....1g4gk4771gp455407..also there are 26 pics at this web link...

If you want to look at the car email me and you can check it out.

9500.00 Takes it and everthing....Also i will not seperate anything so please dont email me about it...